Manjaro not booting after installing proprietary drivers

I need some immediate help

I have installed manjaro Linux mikah and have finished all the software updates including the kernel

after I installed it the screen would flicker once in a minute or when I scroll in a browser

I then opened mhwd and installed proprietary drivers

These are my CPU and GPU

Intel i5 2400
Nvidia GT218

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum and please see:

Hi @ProPraj :wink:

Could please you share more details?

inxi -Fazy
mhwd -l && mhwd -li
for x in $(ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/*); do echo -e "---$x---\n\n $(cat $x)\n\n"; done | curl -F'file=@-'
for x in $(ls /var/log/Xorg*); do echo -e "---$x---\n\n $(cat $x)\n\n"; done | curl -F'file=@-'
journalctl -b0 | curl -F'file=@-'

Thanks :wink:

Hello @ProPraj,

“not booting” means what for you? Is there only a black screen or any errors displayed? If “black screen” try to use ctrl + alt + F2, so you could probably get shell access.

If you could get shell access this way you can run the commands which @megavolt postet befor to provide more information.