Manjaro News page

I don’t know if it is just me, but I have the problem that Manjaro News loads the news items rather slowly, in a non-chronological order.
If I switch to the classic view too early (not as stylish, but definitely clearer), the loading stops and sometimes the newest entries are not displayed, because they are not loaded yet.

Maybe it would be helpful, if the news were loaded in chronological order, starting with the newest entry.


Can’t reproduce. Perhaps try clearing cache & cookies for the site. Have you tried a different browser?

Not jet, just, Firefox 99.0.1
it’s not every time, but often enough to annoy me.
I have saved the output of the dev tools > network as an .har file, but no clue how to read it,
if something like that helps…

I will try it today with Brave and then report.

ok, testet it with Brave and it loads fine.
So it a problem with firefox.

I blocked
cross-site tracking cookies,
tracking conten in all windows,
allowed all in uMatrix
and use 'disable webRTC" to disable WebRTC

And it seams quite random after a reload.

You are not alone that is the case. Besides, this news page seems to have disappeared from now

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