Manjaro new kernel left things a little astray

Just recently updated re Pamac, which also updated my kernel. There were one or two error messages including ‘could not lock database’, however everything seemed to proceed OK as usual. On rebooting, I’ve noticed a few things arent quite right. Usually on a kernel update the previous version is retained, but not this time. The previous version was 5.15.81-1 now updated to 5.15.84-1, nut the former is no longer listed.


The message about a locked database means the database is being used (probably by another update proces or update check?) If all went well, pamac was able to lock the db and update so this seems normal.

The kernel will be updated to the latest, always. eg the linux515 package will update your kernel to the latest 5.15.xx version available. Having more then one kernel is possible, more versions within a package not that easy. see this page for more on kernels.


No. It never did.