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This week I had problems installing a package due missing files on the chosen mirror.

So far, nothing unusual, that a mirror could run out of sync at times for various reasons.

Looking at the mirror address it was “” which I found a bit unusual. Rebuilding my mirrors-list with german mirrors this specific mirror always pushed itself at the top position with the fastest response times.

So what made me worry is, why is a mirror the reunion tld considered a german server and why is it always on top of the list.

Long story short, is a trusted server or not?


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Since Manjaro is a registred trademark since a couple of years - and the mirror is in the official pool of mirrors - I think it’s ok.

Yeah the tld is a bit unusual but many small countries make money from selling the right to use their tld. And if the operator is located in Germany and so probably the server - then even the tld is reunion.

And for being on top of the list - depending on your method or generating the mirrorlist - the mirror must be quite responsive.


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