Manjaro minimal installation

Hi guys, I’m trying to do the minimal installation of Manjaro but after launching it, this screen appears.
3.002178] Initramfs unpacking failed: XZ-compressed data is corrupt
3.42%17] Xernel panic — not syncing: Mo working init found. Try pass ing in it= opt ion to kernel . See L inux Documentat iontadm in-gu
3.432172] CPU : 7 PID : 1 Comm : swapper/0 Not tainted 5.6.15-1-MA11,1AM #1
3.432187] Hardware name : LENOVO 20L5CT011414/20L5CTO1WW, BIOS 1124ET54W (1.29 ) 11/26/2019
3.432204] call Trace :
? rest_init+Ox10/Oxbf
? rest init+Oxbf/Oxbf
3.432253] kernel_init+Oxf7/0x101
3.432262] ret_from_fork+Ox35/0x40
3.4323341 Herne’ Offset: 0x16600000 from Oxfffiffff131000000 (relocation range: Oxffffffff80000000-Oxffffffffbiffffff)
332358] — end Kernel an

  • not syncing: Moo working init found. Try pass ing in it= opt ion to kernel 1. See L inux Documentat ion/adm h
    Sorry but I can’t post pictures
    Thanks in advance.

How do you try a minimal installation ?
Architect installer ?

Download Minimal

Then try the normal installation media or the architect installer.

I Can’t find actual difference between minimal and full installation.

Is there a difference only with packages or there is a difference in drivers or some services enabled/disabled?

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