Manjaro metasearch engine

Host a custom metasearch engine based on Searx
to attract new users.
I am not a programmer but I think it's very easy to implement.

What's your opinion of this?

I am not sure I follow what you are proposing and how it relates to Manjaro.

Where would this be hosted? On

How much extra traffic would that create? I have no idea how feasible that would be.

I just wanted to say that such a search engine would be a very cheap way to promote Manjaro.

Who would use this search engine? Would it have a web interface or some application that would be installed with Manjaro by default? You have to fill in some blanks here, it's not really obvious what you're proposing :smiley:

So the idea is that manjaro should create and promote it's own search engine based on searx and that could be used to drive installations of Manjaro?

I didn't think about traffic. And it would have a web interface and attract all users Windows, Apple, Android etc.

What I understood from the plan so far:

  1. Create a searx-based search engine.
  2. ???
  3. Profit. :smiley:

There are enough PC users who only know Windows and have never heard about Linux or Manjaro.

I think the question here is, "How would a searx instance help that situation?"


We have our own search engines:!manjf%20metasearch!manjw%20about%20manjaro



That is true, but how would those PC users find out about the Manjaro search engine, if they don't know about Manjaro?



But you're right, when you look at it more closely it's not so easy anymore.

Nice, thank you for the link.


Thanks for that - I had no idea you could do that since I saw 'let me Google....' and I'm sick with it being the default.

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