Manjaro Merchandise

I ordered 2 Manjaro hoodies which arrived today , just wanted to say I’m really impressed with the quality and they were well worth the money. I’d recommend them to anyone thinking of early Christmas presents


I can confirm this. Also have a t-shirt, great quality. Even the covid-19 face mask is awesome. :+1:



I think this is my first post on the forum. I’m new. I really like Manjaro and am trying to buy 2 t-shirts to support this.

Every time I try to check out, I get this error under the
“Payment” tab after I click buy now:

Your payment could not be concluded. Please check your data entry. Should we not be able to verify your data, please choose a different payment method.

I’ve tried to pay with my credit card about 20 times, and I finally clicked paypal, which is supposed to take me to a new screen, but got the same error. Is anyone else having this problem?

Using the US merch store.

Well, I finally decided to try on my Fedora computer, using the gmail address I’m trying to ditch for a less creepy service, on the Midori brower. I don’t know which of these three variables fixed it, but I’m looking forward to my new Manjaro shirts.

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