Manjaro merchandise ideas

A couple of merchandise ideas using my previous wallpapers and artwork.
For non-commercial, personal use.

If you are interested in any of these, inquire at your nearest Manjaro Team member.

If you also have any such ideas, feel free to share them.


The design for the first one, as requested in another thread.

(The letters are all made out of the building blocks of the logo.
The internal gaps in the letters and the spacing between them are also the same as the internal gaps of the logo).

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Its about time Manjaro got some merch that is actually uptodate. I don’t think I’d buy a tshirt, but I’d certainly buy some mugs or even case badges.

I know these are just ideas though…

Nice job :+1:

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Yeah, it’s a general merch idea, the T-shirt is just a placeholder, it can be put on mugs, stickers, badges, mousepads, etc.

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Just a question about the characters you use: aren’t they protected by some form of copyright? I mean, can you use them for this?

No idea. I guess the original characters are, I’m not sure what applies to characters that only resemble them.

I don’t know either but you might want to be careful.

I’m not selling South Park merchandise or anything like that. And I have not taken anything from them, I made everything myself from scratch.



As usual (with @muser), they are all very interesting, but if I had to buy, the first of the second row & the third (cultissime & hijacked !) of the third row of the first shot would make me pull out the credit card instantly…!

:slightly_smiling_face: @muser, Once the South Park creators did not kick up a fuss, everything should be okay!

Hey, your drawings are done in your unique style (I am backing you up on this one).

I hope you’re right, but it’s not only the characters, it’s the whole idea that’s being used.

The creators of South Park don’t hold the copyright to the style of animation they use and they didn’t invent that style, so even if there is some resemblance there, i actually see quite a different approach at the facial expression and overall proportions of the character in @muser work, so is a genuine one.
There are a few artists using that style and all do a genuine work.
Of course if someone uses the name of that show and an explicit character 100% as is in the show, there would be some legal consequences for sure :slight_smile:

Anyway, nice vibe here !!! :slight_smile:

Ah, here is something they offer as a fun way to spread some smiles


Sorry, I’m not a user. Never have and never will touch that crap. :wink:

Sooooo, what if I actually wanted to have one or the other t-shirt printed like that … Would it be possible to get that stuff in .svg or so ?? :eyes: :eye: :eyeglasses:

Yeah, I already uploaded a high res png version of the first one, as it was requested in an another thread where this started. I thought the rest to be on an on-demand basis. But I was also planning to give the full svg to you guys (the Team) and leave it up to you what you do with it. (These ballsy ones won’t be included, though).

The first ones free…:smiling_imp:

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Thanks @muser .
Your work is appreciated stay free.