Manjaro matrix wallpaper


I have been playing with this idea and created this wallpaper. If anyone likes it give a thumbs up :slight_smile: if someone wants different colours maybe I can modify it.

Salacious September (2016) Screenshots

For a more muted and theme-applicable look … maybe make the bulk of text white on black (keeping the green ‘M’). Nice job.


please move this to the ARTWORK sub-forum


Here you go:


Ok I see it has been moved. Thanks.


Very nice, however I noticed you used the old outdated Manjaro logo.

You can see the new version of the logo in the top left corner of this forum. It’s square and looks a bit different.


Damn… Redesigned with new logo :slight_smile:


I like it but could you do more intense the logo (like the first wallpaper and a little more)? :slight_smile:


Sorry kouros17 this is the last version because it would be an endless redesigning it :sweat_smile:


Really, that one is great. Thanks :slight_smile:


Very nice! :smiley:


Thanks! Looks great as my grub background. :grinning:


Enjoy :slight_smile: I use it as my lightdm background just had to push the login window to the left.


this is very cool, my new wall, thanks!