Manjaro Mate ISO 18.0.4

Okay so what this mean? After Manjaro Budgie i can't forgot Mate so there is a refreshed iso..

Have fun


mate-menu is not avaiable in our repo and in arch repo, now is an aur pkg..
@fredb74 can take a look into your problem or just enabled aur support

Mate-menu needs to be upgraded to version 19.04 which is python3 compatible.

I adopted it on AUR. So, you have to build it from AUR if you want to get mate-menu back working, you have no other choice.

And changes for 19.04 update:

Hope it helps.

And @Ste74: thanks for the refresh. Are you aware slate notification theme is broken with mate 1.22?

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Yep the ISO use coco theme :wink:

I only hope Solus developers will fix slate theme soon :smiley:

I have this idea: whitout Ikey the devolopment of Solus is not fast as before.. This projects are agnostic so not depends of Solus but ready for all distro. Now Seem the readme need to delete this part :thinking:

I will be more violent here: Solus was mainly Ikey baby. When he left, others developers had a lot of work to keep Solus alive. Maybe too much. Just look at brisk menu migration... Without Viktor Kareh's code and my beta-testing, brisk menu won't have been fixed... :frowning:


Great @Ste74 thank you mate! I have updated the mate download page accordingly.

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Yesterday not find time to do a MR into our home page repo so thank you my friend :+1:

We can only hope that upstream will bring the mate components in house.

As far as I know, they're working on mate 1.22 migration. Only time will tell.

Dear Stefano, I don't know when I have tried Mate the last time but it is a long time ago. So I downloaded this ISO out of curiosity and installed it on a test brigg as a real installation to get a real experience. I chose the "traditional theme", disabled a few start services. The result: less than 250 MB at idle and watching the CPU load on the system-monitor is like watching a KDE installation, i.e. very calm, very low. I am really impressed, how good Mate is right now. Not to mention that the system is stable and superfast. Well done!