Manjaro Mate Enhancements and Tweaks

How's everyone in Cyper-Space today???

Question: Does anyone know how to get the latest Manjaro Mate 18.04 Enhancements and Tweaks installed on your system if you installed from a much older install ISO????

Back story..... I was testing Debian 10 RC1 on my laptop. I killed my Mate install and did some Debian testing. I was not super impressed; the Alpha ran way-better. So, I reinstalled the latest Manjaro Mate 18.04 ISO and was pleasantly surprise by some of the tweaks made to the Mate ISO. Like Faster Boot and the login screen problems vanishing.

Currently on my main Server/Desktop... It is running fine. But, I installed months ago from a 17.x ISO and have performed the standard updates to get to 18.04. These nice tweaks were never installed/changed.

I'm about ready to do a reinstall.

Why? manjaro is a rolling release. Just do your updates and everything should be current.

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Hi :slight_smile:
There is no need to reinstall system. New configuration is stored in /etc/skel/ file (you need to turn on Show Hidden Files in your file browser). You only need to copy them.


Yes... All software has been updated. Just not the configuration modifications. Mr_Glitch has posted a solution that I am about to investigate. :slight_smile:

I found some of the changes I was looking for. Thanks

Any idea where boot and login screen changes are kept??? On my current main system, the option to select optional kernels on boot is still active and the login screen problems are still active (having to click on user 1st to enter password and incorrect screen resolution set randomly on login screen). All of these issues have changed and/or been fixed in the latest Mate 18.04 ISO.

Unfortunately not. Probably its stupid idea but if you have ISO on pendrive you can boot it and compare grub config and display manager. Sorry don't have better idea at the moment :confused:

Can I ask you a sincere question that I don't mean to troll and don't mean to flame war, but I've tried I think every DE, and I can understanding why everyone loves/uses almost every one, but Mate confuses me. Why do you personally use it? I understand that some people loved Gnome 3, and that's why they continue with Mate as its spiritual successor, but I struggle to see the clear advantage vs anything else out right now... Thank you!

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That is a valid question. :slight_smile:

Mate is just a continuation of Gnome2 (which as been around a long time), which makes it a desktop that is very mature and free of bugs. When Gnome3 came on the scene, Gnome dropped all development and support for Gnome2. Gnome3 was loved as Unity was when it came out. Since everyone hated Gnome3 in the beginning, Mate was born from the ashes of Gnome2.

IMO... Microsoft did one thing right.... They created the Start-Menu desktop. Mate/Gnome2 is the most direct emulation of that interface (more or less a Windows 2000 GUI). I like simple. I don't care about Eye-Candy. I just need a simple desktop that I can complete my work.

As for other desktops.... It's user preference. That's the nice thing about Linux. You get to choose! :slight_smile:

Got it. So, more or less as I thought, it's for those who really want and appreciate the Gnome 2/Window 7 UI paradigm. Thank you for your reply!

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You are welcome.

The basic history of Linux desktops goes something like this (starting early in the 2000's).... KDE was 1st and loved. KDE dropped development and support for KDE 3 and came out with KDE 4. KDE 4 was buggy and that pushed people to Gnome 2. Then Gnome did the same damn thing as KDE and came out with Gnome 3. It was buggy, hated and caused Gnome 2 to be resurrected as Mate. After this, different desktops exploded to popularity. Cinnamon was created as a fork of Gnome 3 to recreated what Mate was already doing (with just more eye-candy).

As you look at most Linux desktops, a majority of them retain the Microsoft Start-Menu look and feel. And most can be modified to look like Mac OS or anything you like.

Update your system

sudo pacman -Syu

When you have updated everything - make a copy of your dot files in your home folder and copy the contents including hidden files and folders from etc/skel to your home.

Logout and back in.

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