Manjaro Mate 18.1.0 released

I' m proud to announce the avaiability of Manjaro Mate 18.1.0

This comes with all features of the main editions, this mean bauh to manage snap and flatpack program and the office-chooser into calamares.

I hope you have fun with our Mate



Go onward! Goodjob!

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I love using Manjaro Mate. It is super stable and low overhead.

Please keep up the great work that you guys are doing on it.

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OMG everything is getting updated all at once

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I must update my Manjaro Mate in a VM soon and look.
But one program had installed Cinnamon too, and Cinnamon swindled itself as default desktop before.
I know I could select them in the boot manager.

Waiting for Cinnamon...

Toast crunch?

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XD. I am currently in DE hopping mode.. Tried LXDE..Fast af... But the customization options are really limited.. So waiting for --toast crunch-- iso release..

I'm a big Mate fan myself for my Craptop.

Never been happy with Cinnamon.

LXQt is very nice though as well.


What exactly do you find wrong with Cinnamon? I had tried mint 2 years ago when I didn't even know what linux was.. Even tho I came back to Windows 7 soon after, I just couldn't forget how beautiful it was.. It's weird that I have tried so many DEs after that but considering Cinnamon only now.. I will head over to LXQt if Cinnamon doesn't halt my hopping.. XD
BTW, I am officially a penguin from now on. I don't see one good reason to use Windows lol..

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I really can't put my finger on what's wrong with Cinnamon for me.
I find it... bleh. I can't explain it more than that.
I find Mate and LXQt more enjoyable to use and much more appealing, I guess would be the word.

I don't hate Cinnamon by any means but it's just not a DE I've enjoyed using.

And Mate let's you have a little fishy on your panel. I named mine sudo. :grin:

I had tried Ubuntu MATE once in 2015 (A year before Cinnamon) on my Pentium craptop and it was a terrible experience.. It made my laptop with 2GB RAM crawl.. That was so bad that I never looked back at mate again.. I really liked that wallpaper though.. It looked beautiful.. I will add it in my DE hopping list..
That laptop died btw.. RIP. I think I will try MATE..

Long live SUDO. :crazy_face:

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Hey, just wanted to ask this.. Can I install Cinnamon DE using the net (m architect) installer provided in the LXDE minimal ISO? Or that net installer can only be used for that particular DE?
I have limited mobile data with daily 2GB FUP so anything helps!

Manjaro-Architect comes with pretty much all the DEs and WMs, even Deepin.
So yeah, you can use it to install whatever you like.
It's DE/WM ISO agnostic.

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Awesome. Now, I don't have to waste 600mb downloading the separate architect installer!! Thank you for clarifying this. :slight_smile:

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Hi, and thank you again,
I have just one question,
Is it possible to have mate 1.23.1 ? I know it is not officially released but opensuse guys are already shipping it in thumbleweed ...


I looked for KDE image and it's still 18.0.4 or isn't it?

I first tried cinamon in 2018 with mint. I was blown away, thing is good. I currently use i3wm and xfce. Love speed over beautiful buttons.

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