Manjaro Mate 18.0.1 released

Hi Community sorry for the delay with this edition but i was a little busy with my real life.
Well, Mate 18.0.1 stable release is out and ready for you, not big improvment, only a refreshed ISO; the only change is the switch into matcha-sea theme.


Note: ISO build with manjaro-tools-git r2729.cb28eef-1




Hi Stefano,

Thank you for all of your efforts. We understand how real life impacts us.

I truly enjoy using Manjaro Mate Stable Version, 64 version.

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Brilliant, thanks!

I had no idea there even is a Manjaro MATE. Manjaro is amazing!

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is this also a “basic” edition? As the pre-relaese?

No is a full edition but as the pre-release is installed manjaro-application-utility so after install, when you see manjaro-hello you can deselect what for you is a plus and update the system :wink:

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Just installed this on my work laptop as a replacement for Cinnamon Mint which was starting to clog a bit. Awesome! Thanks for all your hard work!

@Ste74 Well, I guess this edition will get a refresh soon. A quick look in VM (VirtualBox 6.0.4) of MATE 18.0.1.

I found some issues that would be nice to correct before the next ISO release.

  1. The left side of Calamares… Well, it speaks for itself. Is it only in VM?

  2. Dynamic User in LightDM. Huh, someone invited himself? :slight_smile:

I could fix this issue simply by installing the accountsservice package, which is not installed by default on this edition.

  1. Icons are not very visible honestly. Light gray on white is not a very good choice.

You should consider switching to Papirus-Maia for the sake of readability. Papirus-Dark-Maia is meant to be used in conjunction with a dark theme.

  1. Notifications looks horrendous with Matcha-Sea.

It can be fixed simply by using another theme for notifications, for example Coco.

Slate worked okay with Adapta on my side, I guess it isn’t meant to be used with other theme? Or at least it isn’t guaranteed to work well in general.

If you switch to another notification theme, you should consider uninstalling mate-notification-theme-slate and remove it in the dependencies list of manjaro-mate-settings too at that point.

  1. Kvantum Manager appears two times in the Control Center.

Perhaps moving MSM and Manjaro Notifier Settings in Administration instead of Look and Feel would be more appropriate too.

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