Manjaro Mate 18.0.1-pre1 released



Hi community,

i’m proud to announce a refreshed ISO for Mate re-spin :smile: i’m sorry for the delay but i’m a little busy in my real life :sweat_smile:
Is based on stable branch and is a minimal edition with an addition:

In the installed system you can launch via manjaro-hello and choose applications to install from a list, see images below.

Last but not least: the Iso is build with manjaro-tools-git

Download from OSDN


Edit: :joy: sorry i release now the images are in Italian :joy:


never tried mate desktop but looks nice and makes it easier to get started, especially newcomers


You cannot choose apps during install - only after install.


From Gnome, Never tried Mate but it looks cleaner and minimalistic. I think i ll give it a try


Grande @Ste74, sempre bello vedere degli italiani a lavoro su distro Linux :sunglasses:.
Senti, giacché ci sei, te lo chiedo in italiano: sarebbe possibile avere dei controlli audio (applet) in stile manjaro xfce o ubuntu mate anche su manjaro mate? Odio veramente tanto quel semplice slider e dover entrare ogni volta nelle impostazioni per modificare qualche uscita, è snervante.
Grazie mille per quello che fai con mate e budgie :grin:


Bravissimo, Thanks a lot! The fact that it is a minimal edition makes it even better :heart_eyes:


Please add Compton to the distribution, it is very effective in dealing with the tiring.


Nice job, i’ve been using Manjaro xfce because of a network error I was getting when I installed it on bare metal. Briefly I had no wired connection and searching several answers I discovered some similar problems, but since then I stopped playing with that. I hope that everything is as it should be by now because Mate is beautiful, light and basic-like. Currently there is a lot of work going on and shortly I’ll give it a try.

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