Manjaro MATE (17.0)



Please test :wink:

in unstable now :slight_smile:


WOW!!! Stefano, you have done an INCREDIBLE job on this MATE distro… THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

: )


Finally got time to check out the indicator. @Ste74 and @Thanos_Apostolou you guys are doing excellent work on improving the MATE version. :smile:


I used Rufus in Windows to create a bootable USB of 17.0

Does this not have Yaourt? Every time I punched in and tried Yaourt I got command not found as the output.


Probably not, just use pacman to install yaourt. (


Yep yaourt and devel pkgs are not installed by default but you can select during install :wink:


How do you change the system language in MATE? I’ve tried Manjaro Mate and Antergos Mate, but I don’t see any language settings in the control center. The settings are very stripped down, a lot seems to be missing.


I’m considering installing Manjaro Mate as my main system. But in the live session the brightness keys don’t work on my laptop (they work on all other versions of Manjaro). Can that be fixed?


There are the Locale Settings at Manjaro Settings Manager which is preinstalled in every manjaro edition. Antergos and arch don’t have that (you need to manually change configuration files at those) :wink:

I don’t know about the laptop’s brightness keys. Maybe better to create a new topic for that in the “technical issues and assistance” and provide there more information like laptop’s model, etc…


Thanks. I’ve found the settings in Manjaro. I’m shocked that they’ve removed those settings in default Mate. Are they trying to get rid of most settings like Gnome3, I wonder?

You’re right, the brightness keys issue probably belongs to technical issues, although it only happens on Manjaro Mate, not on other desktops…


Hmm I see that mate-power-manager is not included in the base installation, but it is offered as extra option during the installation. If it is responsible for handling the brightness controls then it could work after installation but not on the live session (it will probably need reboot to take effect, so I don’t know if you can install it in live session and then just logout-login in order to test it).


I think I’ll install Manjaro Mate anyway. I want Manjaro and I want Mate - I’m desperate :grin:
Then I will do as you suggest. If that doesn’t help, I can always assign the xbacklight command to the brightness keys.


I’ve started the live session and installed mate-power-manager. It was enough to log out-in, and the brightness keys are working! So I can go ahead with the installation.

I hope Stefano will read this and include the power manager in future versions.


Done thank you :wink:


Great :relieved:


Incredible release. :clap: Thank you very much.

MATE 1.18 (GTK3) is really smooth & stable. I did a fresh install to check the performance and I’m going to stick with this installation. :grin:


How do I use Pacman to install Yaourt? Also, I’ve been wondering ; Is 17.0.1 in development or nay/not yet?


Scratch that. The installer offers Yaourt as a selectable option, neat.


Glad you figured that out, because the way you wrote it had me thinking I was expected to tell you how to run pacman just so you could install Yaourt.


Yeah, that’s what I at first expected but eventually figured it out. Haha. The install was taking awfully long though because I ticked almost everything for my installation, and instead I cancelled my installation.