Manjaro MATE (17.0)



Hi Community , Manjaro Mate 17.0 is out .

This Isos ship with MATE 1.18 series , full ported on GTK3 .

No other relevant improvement after last our mate test iso only one note , you can select the extra pkgs to install during installation .


Stefano Capitani
Manjaro Team

Can't install Manjaro Mate 17.0 in VirtualBox

Congratulations! :wink:


Great job Stefano. :smile:


Nice! Congratulations @Ste74!
This looks super cool!


@Ste74 Really awesome release! Good job!

Only one problem:
tap-to-click is not enabled by default for touchpads and new users might get confused. Is there any way to set /org/mate/desktop/peripherals/touchpad/tap-to-click value to True at the dconf settings by default? Maybe with some file at /etc/skel included in the manjaro-mate-settings package?

EDIT: Second problem wifi doesn’t prompt for password. In order to solve this, please include gnome-keyring to both live ISO and the default installation.


How stability?Maybe i will try on this set my frigging modem


Thank you , sure i can add in the desktop settings to do by default the tap to click ( thank to suggest the key :wink: ) and add the gnome-keyring into the pkgs list :wink:


@Ste74 Also another thing I noticed from this video (and I confirmed it myself) is that you have included baobab in the ISO and the default installation but the package mate-utils already provides its own mate-disk-usage-analyzer (which is a fork of baobab from gnome 2 times). So it would probably be for the best to remove baobab.


Don’t know if this is the appropriate place, but would it be possible to add the mate-indicator-applet? Some programs need indicators to work properly.

Or how can I install it in my Mate system?


Yes, it would be great. This package is in AUR but its outdated, and when I try to install always have dependencies problems.



@Redcube @acutbal Until Ste74 replies to say if he’s willing to include this package in the manjaro repositories, I adopted the AUR package (, updated it to version 1.18.0 and fixed the build errors. Please try to install it, then install some application that is using indicators like indicator-sound (needs logout and login in order to work) and tell me if it works. It works for my system but I’m totally new to creating AUR packages (this is my 2nd try) so tell me if there are any problems :stuck_out_tongue:



Thank you …
For mate-indicator-applet now try to build and import on manjaro…


Hi, I’ve installed and works fine, so thank you very much!!



@Ste74 If you are going to use my pkgbuild please wait because I discussed this on #mate-dev irc chanel and I’m going to change it. If you are going to do it yourself you are probably gonna do it better :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: @Ste74 According to a mate dev mate-indicator-applet needs also ido >= 13.10 in order to work properly but AUR only has 12.10 versions. So, maybe you can create your own ido package too?

EDIT2: There is also ido-ubuntu which is on version 13.10 but it also needs it’s own gtk3-ubuntu which doesn’t build at all on my system.


@acutbal I have removed completely the ido-ubuntu dependency because it is problematic but without it most indicators won’t work at all. I’ll try to experiment some more.


Ok i have to see if i can build ido 13.10 or new … but not the ido-ubuntu and own gtk3-ubuntu :slight_smile:


Yes, you’re right, I also realized that on my VBox test.



@Thanos_Apostolou , @acutbal succesfull build the ido >13 pkgs … i want to know if this replaces the current ido into aur :
If yes i call this pkg ido otherwise if for other pkgs is needed ido 12 i need to rename it …


The only AUR packages that I’ve seen depending on ido are indicator-sound and xfce4-indicator-plugin. So, if these can work with the new version of ido then I think it should keep its name. Maybe also send an email to the AUR’s ido maintainer to update his own with your pkgbuild so that our arch friends can have it too :stuck_out_tongue:


When finish the build i submit on our repo , then you test it : if all work why not :slight_smile: … remember i don’t use mate ( only for build and refresh our profiles ) …i’m a gnome user :slight_smile: