Manjaro Mate 17.0 (Beta2)

Hi Community Manjaro Mate 17.0 Beta2 Gellivara is ready for another cycle of testing :slight_smile:

This release is tagged beta2 but is most of beta3 :wink: so this have all improvment of our core pkgs in the main beta3 release .

Plus this is a full edition :

Steam , Brisk menù , Slate notifier , Libreoffice , Lollypop , Vlc-nightly , Full acces to AUR are only a bit of the pkgs in this release …

This is build with our unstable branch but feel free to switch into our stable repo and use with our stable repo…

Stefano Capitani



In VB, it gave me an error in current theme that could interfere with log in. What is that all about?

Uhm … sometime is needed enable the debug mode to work properly … try to open with text editor


and set to true the debug_mode field

Thanks Stefano. Is this a bug that needs to be fixed before the final ISO or some problem with my HW?

I got the same error when installing with manjaro-architect. I could not login with displaymanager, but startx from tty2 worked fine.

By trial and error, I was able to get around the problem by saving the VB and restarting it from scratch off the hard disk.

@Chrysostomus i have changed the mate profile if you want try … @k357k9 start to rebuild a beta3 for mate de :wink:


Thanks Stefano. It is a rainy, cold day here and outdoor activities are limited. I’m ready to test.

Maybe my impression but that Brisk menu looks suspiciously like Whisker’s.

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