Manjaro Mate 17.0.5


Hello.Does will be realese Manjaro Mate 17.0.5 version?I am asking because i want Manjaro with Mate desktop and is more suitable for laptop (i have no problem with suspend and others)


@Ste74 should be able to answer this. :slight_smile:


You can simply install v17.0.4, which is one week older than v17.0.5. If needed you update Calamares in live-session before you install.


Yep the only big difference with 17.0.4 qnd 17.0.5 is a correction in btfrs support in calamares … so if you encountered problem during install you can update calamares before start installation …
sudo pacman -Syy && sudo pacman -S calamares


You can probably build the iso yourself if you don’t mind getting select parts of your filesystem dirty.


Now i want ask again but about some new version of Manjaro Mate.


Here’s the latest Mate 17.1.0-rc2


Thank you for quick reply!