Manjaro Mate 17.0.4



Manjaro Mate 17.0.4 is ready for download

This release is only a maintaining release for our major release 17.0 Gellivara so only correction of bug encountered in the past releases

Enjoy :slight_smile:



Torrents are now up at:


Hi there, I just downloaded and installed Manjaro MATE, and I I’d like to say you and whoever you work with did an awesome job with this. I normally run the KDE variant, but after giving this a test drive on a spare laptop, I am strongly considering switching. Thanks again!


Downloaded and seeding tonight :slight_smile:


We want to update @Ste74


Need an iso refresh. Fresh install is now a 700mb+ update


Don’t worry a 17.1 release is planned … No sense now a 17.0.6 release in my POV


Eagerly waiting for Mate 17.1 series release. May I assist in any way.