Manjaro Mate 17.0.2



Hi community :grinning: , Manjaro Mate 17.0.2 is ready for download

This release ship the last Mate 1.18.x release , full gtk3 and this release is a full edition :wink: .
Manjaro Mate edition ship with the new brisk menù build from Solus Team for this DE and another news is the adoption of the slick-greeter as lightdm-greeter

( thank you at @muser for this wallpaper and for other present in this release )

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Stefano Capitani
Manjaro Team


Thanks @Ste74! My laptop will finally get some love! :smile:


It must be the "Mate"ing season.


Torrents are now live at:


@Ste74 Alright, everything seems smooth so far… except for a small issue with theme.

I have noticed this in the Budgie edition as well, but I did not really pay too much attention to it since I changed back to the default theme quite quick.

If you notice the screenshots you posted on both Budgie and Mate release, you see ‘dashed lines’ around the menu. It is present in both the DEs. This ‘dashed lines’ appears elsewhere too, in the control centre, the theme changer,… basically many places and it looks out of place (see attached screenshots for reference).
I naturally suspected the theme and noticed that some themes have this issue while others do not.

Theme changed on Arc:

Theme changer on Vertex:

Theme changer on Adapta:

Notice the dashed lines on the outline of the window? It appears on other applications too, like Caja.

Following themes have the dashed lines issue:

  • vertex and vertex maia
  • arc and arc-maia

Following themes DO NOT:

  • Default MATE themes
  • Adapta themes

It is probably an upstream issue, but I am reporting it here so you can take a look at it :smiley:


Yep … thank you , hope arc and vertex author correct the repo … :disappointed_relieved:


I did not notice this earlier, but there is a closed issue on Arc repo that says it is an intended feature of GTK but it can be disabled by editing the css file if required. The solution is given in the penultimate comment. I suggest that in Manjaro repo, make these edits and distribute it since the colour pallete used in maia themes makes it glaringly obvious, and personally, it looks out of place.

Edit: Update: Can confirm, it works!

For testing purposes, I downloaded Arc OSX theme, edited gtk.css as directed by the comment under /<required theme>/gtk3.x/gtk.css and set the four .undershoot-left/right/top/bottom: property background-size to 0px 0px and logged out. No more borders!

In case someone comes looking for a solution, I recommend to make a copy of the required theme “<required theme>” (whichever theme you are currently editing) from /usr/share/themes to ./themes to avoid messing with global themes and potentially breaking them. You can give the local theme a different name by editing the index.theme file; Name property and give it a different name. (Note: Replace gtk3.x with whatever gtk folder version your theme uses). Edit the gtk.css file as mentioned above and then select this theme from the theme changer. Log out and login in case the lines still appear and this should solve your problems!


Applied here

can confirm it work ? in Gnome still the issue :thinking:


It’s not a bug. The line is supposed to be displayed by design! :wink: Please don’t apply the hack to Vertex-themes!


I meant that editing the solution posted in the github issue, which said to edit the css file, does indeed remove the dashed lines is all. :smiley:


Yes, I read that it was a feature as well. I just personally find it odd and out of place, but it is just my opinion :wink:. If you think the default should be like that, then that is fine with me :smile:.
This is just a note and a solution for people like myself who would like to get rid of it :smile:.


@illusiveman , yes i have modified css files , @oberon i can remove the patch but why dashline is considerate a feature ?


It indicates that there is more content that can be reached by scrolling in this direction :slight_smile: When you reach the end of the content it will disappear.


I have no idea why it is considered a feature. The argument is that is shows there are more items I think? But personally the presence of a scroll bar already indicates that so I do not really understand that.


I guess it’s a matter of taste. Just leave it in arc-maia-theme if you like :slight_smile:


I’ve been seeing those dashlines in gnome and xfce for quite a long time. Always wondered what those meant and if it was a bug or a feature. Thank you for posting a way to remove them.


Forum link from community page is leading to Manjaro Net/LXQt 17.0.2 :open_mouth:


Where is public key for the verify iso file ?


It’s right next to the iso file from the download link that @ste74 posted. You got md5 , sha1, and sig file to verify the iso :expressionless:


i verify md5 and sha1 its ok , but i cant verify iso.sig “signature” without a public key .