Manjaro Mate 16.10.2

As promised Mate 16.10.2 is online

Added :

  • VLC
  • Thunderbird
  • Steam
  • Libreoffice
  • Manjaro printer
  • Full acces to AUR


Stefano Capitani
Manjaro Team


Great news!! I’m going to download right now and install on a VM to test it. Maybe can replace my beloved xfce…


Very good to know that the stable version came out, now is to download and do the tests. Thank you very much!

And Torrents are now live too!


Thanks all !
Giving it a little spin right now.

I am not able to activate the touchpad of my notebook, how to proceed?

if you mean you cant enable from control center, than you can check if libinput is installed, otherwise you can try xinput86-synaptics (I dont remember the name of the package exactly, sorry typing from home, so I cant check, but if you type in pamac “synaptic”) it will in suggeations.
afterwarfs maybe a restart is needed

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I installed xf86-input-synaptics and it worked. Thank you!

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Yep, libinput is the default driver installed in manjaro , is the future… howewere not all touchpad work fine with it and reinstall the synaptic version is the solution :slight_smile:

Hi, well, I want to change my complete environment from xfce to mate, however I have done the instructions for isntalr mate in xfce manjaro, but what I want is this beautiful aspect, how can I achieve it? regards

Hi, i assume you have already installed mate de so you have to install manjaro-mate-settings , create a new user and logout . Then at login select new user and mate session…

Awesome release, thx for all your work!!! I was trying out kde edition but it turned out that it wasn’t my style, so I’m back to mate! Just one thing, it seems that caja-dropbox-gtk3 package from AUR is still in version 1.14 instead of 1.16 (it works fine for now). Any chance that you include it in the manjaro repositories and update it to version 1.16? It would be really nice if you did so.

We will see :slight_smile:

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I commented on the caja-dropbox-gtk3's AUR page in order to notify the maintainer:, but now he desided to move the package to version 1.17 which is incompatible with caja-gtk3 1.16 from the repositories and needs caja-dev from the AUR (which also replaces many mate’s components with aur packages and that’s why I don’t want to use it). So, for now, I am using my already installed caja-dropbox-gtk3 version 1.14, but in the future installations I won’t be able to install it. So, my request is now needed more than ever.

P.S. I know that you are busy now preparing the images for manjaro 17 release, so no pressure at all :slight_smile:

EDIT: The AUR maintainer fixed it. Now caja-dropbox-gtk3 is on version 1.16 and works fine. But it would be nice to have it in the manjaro repositories anyway.

Thanks buddy. You rock!

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I have always liked the Manjaro Linux, starting with the gnome flavor, and ultimately being on the xfce flavor for a couple of years now. But I have recently installed this mate flavor for development work on my laptop and I love its simplicty. Awesome work!

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i’ve downloaded but not tested yet…btw what kind kernel version on

If I remember correctly that release was at kernel 4.4 (you will probably be notified to upgrade to kernel 4.9 after installation). If I were you, I would wait for the 17.0 release which has many fixes in the installer and it should be available soon (a few hours or few days max).

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ok thanks for the info…i wish for the next release no many software included…i love for minimal iso just like 16.10.1 version …

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