Manjaro main web page - Why web menu is not on the other side?

On the Manjaro main web page

I was expecting a menu in the other side, as modern internet browser menus do.

I cannot understand clicking on the right up to have to cross all the screen to the other side to pick up the sub item.

PS: I would add an ICON / IDEOGRAM for each menu item as if it were a vertical dock to make it finger friendly when it is used from a phone or tablet, and even with a mouse to have a bigger area to click on.

My browser is the most modern - brand new this week!!!
Chrome also does a RH menu.
I think only Vivaldi has the option of a single menu which comes up on the left corner.

Also, the menu drops down from the icon for me - not on the opposite side of the screen. So after clicking the dropdown menu - my mouse just goes down a bit.

Also, you’re getting confused between the ‘Manjaro’ webpage menu and ‘browser menu’ which are actually completely different things. I think Browser menu’s are much less used and as such not really a major consideration… being better accessed with ‘Alt+F’ than by hunting and clicking.

However, now with your comments about being ‘finger friendly’ I’m not quite so sure what you’re aiming at… browsers generally detect and adjust for mobile devices.

There is a work in progress to redesign the more “newly” menu

Also if you check this

you will see the introduction of icons for the menu items that are the most important.
The redesign was required due to the number of menu items that triggered the mobile version on desktops with certain smaller screen resolution, and that was not ideal, so the focus was to get rid of that issue.
Once that is done the mobile version will be optimized too, but for now @codesardine is doing the heavy lifting almost alone among other tons of stuff he does.


i know it’s slightly off-topic in this thread, but i just visit the main page and…

…wow it’s beautifull !!!


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I am using Chrome 103.0.5060.114 (Build oficial) @1080p Manjaro KDE Xwindows.
If you zoom up to 150 or put the window browser not in full screen, it will appear the three lines menu indicator in the web page as we have it here in the forum.

Except the forum one works great, and the web page one not yet.

With finger friendly I mind big buttons enough to identify (even without reading the subtitle) and click with big fingers without doubt of clicking (fingering) the item nearby in phones and tablets.
Icons - Ideograms, to click that will also help mouse users as human brain usually is more visual than reader (more visual as less clever is the subject).
Probably you’ve seen monkeys using phones or tablets.
If you think a menu that even a monkey would understand, or be able to try, that is what I suggest.

Thanks, I would add to the amazing new web page (errors are normal when building new ones) a Manjaro TV (ARM, future RISC-V or perhaps low profile x86) or TV box with KDE bigscreen, when KDE bigscreen will be available, if it will.

And after offering partnership to OEM show the pinephone, the pinetab, the pinebook, a TV box - if you add KDE bigscreen - and any x86 machine running Manjaro in one picture to show them Manjaro can be run in almost every device.

PS: I would love Manjaro smartwatches, assistants, as the alexa video conference ones - that actually do very little -, and hybrid chromebooks refurbished with Manjaro. And some “COMPUTER” a la Star Trek or “MANJARO” voice assistant as Genie formerly Almond, well pre installed.

I’m not aware of any such device being supported officially nor that some team member works on such device. I know there is a wiki about Amlogic TV boxes - Manjaro but those got there by someone from community.

You mean in the main page? At reload there will be shown in the background, randomly, the devices from minisforum, beelink, the pinephone and pinephone pro, and a laptop from starlabs with the links to the official store for each such displayed device.
Of course 3D models can be done to whatever, rendered and displayed there, but even the old image with the keyboard had to be removed as people asked about that keyboard and it doesn’t exist actually :sweat_smile:

Pine64 has such smaprtwatch called PineTime | PINE64 but i honestly don’t know much about it.