Manjaro lxqt release date?

When will “Manjaro Linux LXQT 17.0.4” be released?

first 17.0.5 is out
second as far as i know the maintainers are @artoo or @excalibur1234 ask them
third keep in mind you can install 17.0.2 and the just update it

Except there are things you can’t… There was a thread around here somewhere that explained why you can’t just update it…

Because is on OpenRC?

When I go to I see "Manjaro Linux LXQT/Calamares-net-install (17.0.2).

Because it is a net install, I suppose you could argue that point releases are less important.
Not only are the current versions of the packages downloaded at install time (as opposed to ISO creation time), but the structure of the packages is actually dynamically built for you and presented in a nice GUI installer.

Some nice tips here:

and in the original thread:


Okay. Do you know when there will be a NEW version of “Manjaro Linux LXQT”?

as linked by @mparillo, there is no need to update a net-edition, because the latest packages are always downloaded before system installation. additionally, the list of packages you can choose from is taken from a github website, which i can edit. when i update this website, even manjaro net/lxqt 17.0 “sees” that updated list and can install those packages.

i have done a build of manjaro net/lxqt 17.0.3 just to see, whether the build process still works. i will do a build of 17.0.5 soon and check it.
are you interested in the fixed issues in calamares (e.g. fixed BTRFS install) compared to version 17.0.2 (because these will be the only differences)?
if this is the case, i can release it as soon as the current fast releases of bugfixes stop a week or two.

Yes I am.

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We don’t plan to release any v17.0 series. I doubt we might have left some. At least I’m not planing any update soon.

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Hello excalibur1234, It's me DigiLover. I'm wondering, why have you discontinued Manjaro net/ LXQT? Please reply whenever you can, please and thank you.

This is a two year old thread. The information is not really relevant anymore.

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