Manjaro-lxde-settings doesn't exist

Hi guys!

I recently tried to install LXDE with the manjaro settings, as described in the docs:

(I can’t post links yet, so please copy and paste)

sudo pacman -S manjaro-lxde-logout-banner manjaro-lxde-xfce4-notifyd manjaro-lxde-xfce4-volumed-pulse manjaro-settings-manager manjaro-settings-manager-notifier manjaro-lxde-settings arc-maia-icon-theme kvantum-manjaro

But apparently manjaro-lxde-settings isn’t an existing pacman package.

Can anybody help me here?

exists manjaro-lxde-desktop-settings

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There is a package in the community repo called manjaro-lxde-config, maybe that’s the one you need.

Yes, it exists, thank you!

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