Manjaro LXDE Edition 17.1.8

ISO refresh uploaded

Remember to checksum your download


Thank you! :slight_smile:
Once Budgie is ready, too, I will write a little blog post for Mate, LXDE, Budgie and Openbox together, good?



It looks exactly like the 17.1.7 release - no need to waste server space for that :slight_smile:

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Looks most gorgeous of all Manjaro editions.




no need for an addtional 786kbs of imgs while spending more in text…

If only you asked more politely… :wink:

For some reason I can’t get this version to install in a Virtualbox machine.
It boots the live cd just fine. When I start the installer,
It goes through the motions, then crashes out with inability to unpack something, (I have to run through it again to manually write down what it was), and then sits there in the livecd.

While it discovers some updates waiting. Should I attempt to install these before installing? Seems odd to update a live version.

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I have seen this when the installer tries to install to RAM and then run out of diskspace.

I will check if I have made the same error with this as I did with the Openbox ISO.

I did the same mistake with the Lxde ISO - at least it appears so from my history. Building with persistence.

The error you are seeing does only occur when installing in VirtualBox using either Calamares or Architect.

I will upload a new ISO and it will be accessible in half an hour or so.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Then I was distracted

Remember to checksum your download


Ok, great service !!

The new ISO downloaded, checksummed, and installed just fine.

First boot blackscreend just after reporting systemd version.
Second try worked fine. And its very fast too.

I’ll play with this for a while and see what else I can break.

All this using OpenSuse host and their VirtualBox packages.

Hi @linux-aarhus
Have you been considering the creation of lxqt iso ?

I have not - though some has encouraged to do so - I am not the man to maintain it.

However I know that @Chrysostomus is going to have fun with it. He is doing a pretty good job with other editions so I think his result with Lxqt will be good.

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Two different users have this issue with Manjaro LXDE 17.1.8

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