Manjaro LXDE 17.0.1



Sound notifications work since the last update. :slight_smile:


And i really like what you did whit it. Only now i had the chance to test it. Great job !!!


@Thanos_Apostolou, this guy @bogdancovaciu has some of the most amazing conky creations I have ever seen! Check them out in the conky thread! I like conky because it’s a great way to keep tabs on system resources in a lightweight and efficient manner. But he takes his creations to the level of “artwork”, they are THAT GOOD!

May I suggest that you have him create an “LXDE conky” for Manjaro LXDE and include it in a base install (assuming he agrees, but he’s sharing in the conky thread, so I think that’s a safe assumption)? Perhaps put a conky entry in the autostart of LXDE, but no checkmark to activate it? Or maybe DO activate it, as conky is a lightweight program?

Just thinking out loud…another way to distinguish Manjaro LXDE as a “flagship” flavor of LXDE!


Hey, thanks for your kind appreciation and the mention of my “trial” with Conky. I’m not a programmer but i love learning stuff. For now i gather information, is more or less some sort of reverse-engineering. Some old scripts and .lua files need corrections and minor tweaks in order to be able to make them working on my machine. Also i don’t want to exaggerate with external scripts too much. I’ll make time to come up with something usable … and see if is adopted by default.


@Hedon @bogdancovaciu I believe you are talking about this: Conky thread, show your work!. It is really beautiful indeed, however, I’m not really a fan of conky. I used to be just a couple of years ago. Now, I believe that conky’s only usage is to impress your windows friends :laughing:

So, I am thinking not to include it by default. Instead, I can add a conky section in the Tips,Tricks thread (Tips, Tricks and General Info for Manjaro LXDE Community Edition) which will have a link to the conky topic.


Har har har! Well said. :smiley:



Bummer you’re not a conky fan. I like that I can get about 10-15 pieces of information in real time that could normally only be gotten through CLI commands. But it’s your distro, and I know how to add it myself, so it’s cool. I respect your decision…if you start throwing everything in there that’s cool, LXDE will end up like KDE (not a knock on KDE, only that it isn’t lightweight…nothing more!).

A section in Tips & Tricks thread is a great idea! And I hope @bogdancovaciu will post one of his cool recipes for an LXDE conky. Those who want it, can get it; those who don’t, won’t mind. Everyone’s happy!


I’m not a fan of Conky either. i just really don’t see any need for all that information.


Someone asked me to give my opinion on some DE’s … well, i started from here, the default install space used and memory usage:
XFCE - 12.5GB - 386MB
Gnome - 9,4GB - 700MB
KDE - 10,7GB - 420MB
LXDE - 12GB - 250MB

I think KDE is quite lightweight, despite the “fame”. On my system it takes 540MB at boot sometimes reaching 620MB
(i have 3 Activities and each has it’s own wallpaper, Latte Dock has for each activity a set of launchers, Conky doesn’t run at startup because i don’t use it, only when i want to have fun with some scripts). Yes, we can all be happy because people from this community are so awesome!!! :slight_smile:


The problem I see with Conky is that this information is only available if there are no windows overlapping it. Usually I’m running some window maximized so I’d not see Conky anyway most of the time. Therefore I prefer panel plugins like multiload-ng which are less fancy in appearance but always visible so you can always glance at them if you want to quickly see if something is filling your RAM or using your CPU a lot without having to minimize the current window or changing to an empty viewport.


You could always use in the configuration this:

own_window_type dock
own_window_hints undecorated,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager

That way Conky will stay on top of everything all the time and have no interference with the window bellow, only on the area where is active (depending of it’s dimension and placement)


That’s interesting, didn’t know that! But on the other hand, I don’t want stuff to overlap my window (say, I have Firefox maximized then I want to click on the website everywhere without Conky being in my way) so I could only place it on top of the Xfce panel where currently the multiload-ng applet is sitting which is quite limited space - don’t think that Conky can use it that much better than multiload-ng already does. :slight_smile:


Totally agree. When i test Conky scripts i keep them as regular window and as undecorated,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager and when i press Ctrl+F8 i get all the windows and i see the “conky”, i can select it and it comes on top of everything, then wen i click on Firefox the conky goes behind.


Sounds nice, I will have a look at it. This reminds me on the “Widget layer” plugin in Compiz which I think was used by people when the screenlets were still a thing. Actually, the plugin should also work with Conky (and should be more powerful since you can customize the shortcut or even put it to one of the display corners, darken the background during widget displaying etc).


Seems fairly ‘light’ until you see how much of the DE itself is stored in buffers. While that does help the ‘feel’ of the DE–and the use of RAM at first blush–it is in no way considered lightweight and is in-fact the ‘heaviest’ of the DEs, not including Deepin.

That’s my friggen opinion and you’ll have to pry my cold, dead hands from it!

But, hey, I like it and run it. :wink:



On that note, i was looking few weeks ago after some T-Shirts with that quote bumper sticker on it, quite cool design! Nowhere to find them in Romania …
Anyway, i’ll run KDE even if arguments from me will fail. For now it does exactly what i need and how i need it. :slight_smile:


you see, if your friends come to visit, since you seem to never leave the workstation any more, and you want to pretend you are a hacker, you use conky.

If you are a true hacker you use lxde with standard win7 background and icons.
I have an explorer icon replacing my beloved qupzilla

On lxtask I have DrWatson :wink:


The best hacker will need no DE, nor icons. Anyway, i wasn’t aware that someone is pretending here … :wink:


Actually, I’ve never met a hacker … only movies.

Anyway, it is very sad NOT TO SEE manjaro on list, since LXDE here is more stable and solid than in any distro I’ve tried.


There is also Ubuntu but no Lubuntu in this list - maybe the idea is that the Arch Linux entry covers distros like Manjaro as well?