Manjaro LXDE 17.0.1



Thx. Here’s the final Pull Request (I did some other changes too):


Still no change in the audio notification. There still is none.

And just in case I reinstalled my system.


I got it working on my 1 laptop but on the other it doesn’t work properly. I believe that’s an openbox weakness. If you see at this video: the Parsing Elf’s comment, he says that lxde “doesn’t allow single function key input”. I’m not sure why, but apparently I cannot do anything more about it. If you find any better “hack” or anything feel free to post it here.


I will. But it’s not a deal breaker for me. Just a minor annoyance.


On Openbox I use volumeicon from aur, works fine.


Ok I think I figured out where the problem is. The “Volume Control” applet on the panel, has the needed keyboard keys binded. If you right click on the panel applet, choose “Volume Control” Settings and you set the Hotkeys to None, then it should work. However, I don’t like how pulseaudio-ctl throws multiple notifications, so I’m thinking of using xfce4-volumed-pulse with the cost of 10 additional MB Ram usage.


Understandable. Same goal can be achieved without ram increase by using dunstify script. Want one?


If it’s easy for you, I would like to see such a script out of curiosity. I don’t really wanna use dunstify, because I don’t like how its notifications look. Unless there is a way to theme dunstify nicely in order to match the rest desktop. Is there?


Not dunst, dunstify. It is different. You can use the same notification daemon, that is what controls the theme. Dunstify is like notify-send, but

  1. allows adding action buttons to notifications
  2. allows updating notification instead of just printing a new one.


Aaaa I see. However dunstify has dunst as a dependensy, so I cannot avoid it.


Well, dunst is a very light package, so it probably won’t matter. Unless it tries to take over from xfce4-notifyid…


Yeah I just tested it and dunst overrides xfce4-notifyd. So, better use xfce4-volumed-pulse. It fits nicely, since I already use a lot of xfce software (like lubuntu does). Moreover, it seems to have more keybindings like muting microphone and other stuff.


Хорошо, makes sense. I’ll probably write that script anyway if I find time :slight_smile:


@Linj I believe volume notifications work fine on the 17.0.2-preview1 release which I will hopefully upload tomorrow. I will @mention you when I do the announcement so that you test it too. Thx again for reporting this. Here’s a screenshot with one of the new wallpapers:


It works brilliantly on older hardware, turns an old eee-pc into a perfectly speedy device.

If only there were a way to somehow maintain a 32bit version.


Thank you. I look forward to it.


On three different distributions on one machine, all three running LXDE, Manjaro’s is the lowest on resources. It is hard to compare without having matching services on systemd running. I don’t know how to get a text file list of loaded running and disabled services to compare. All I know with systemd is the gui of services list and I can only get a screenshot of it.

Looking at the little resource windows on the task bar, even with a browser and a ton of tabs loaded, I can barely see a color line in the bottom being flat. On other distributions I am looking at hills and mountains.


Install ps_mem. You get a good list of ram usage with

 sudo ps_mem 

To get in a file, redirect the output (most useful if running from tty)

 sudo ps_mem > ~/ram_usage.txt


And it’s not just the RAM it uses on startup, but the RAM it uses when several programs are open. I can tell a marked difference with just chrome open on the different desktops.


Thanks goldenmouth, I will try them.