Manjaro LXDE 17.0.1



Fantastic release! Though, I gotta admit and say that I’m really surprised a screenshot tool wasn’t baked straight into this edition and release


There is scrot which is a command line tool. When you press print-screen it should take a screenshot and place it to your home folder (or maybe into Pictures). The thing is that it doesn’t do any effect to let you know it took the screenshot neither it shows you any message. I didn’t like it much but scrot is the tool tha most lxde distros use (like lubuntu).


Why not bind printscreen to bash script that takes a screenshot with scrot and on success sends desktop notification with notify-send/dunstify? I can write it for you if you want

scrot && \
notify-send "Screenshot taken" "placed in $XDG_PICTURES_DIR" || \
notify-send "Something went wrong" "No screenshots for you!"

Use dunstify if you want buttons in notification. I assume lxde edition uses some notification daemon?


Or opens it with a small image viewer window?

i3-scrot package is also a script with a notification.


Great idea thanks! Well actually I didn’t include any notification daemon (I got confused by seeing the new kernel notifications and I thought that I had included one, but that’s just the manjaro notifier). I will include the xfce4-notifyd (that’s the one lubuntu is using too) as a dependency for manjaro-lxde-settings so that users who already have done the installation will get it in the next update.

I modified a bit the script in order to make it work. I will @mention you at the pull request in github in order to see how I’ve made it.


Nice little review by Don’t Call Me Lenny! :slight_smile:


He sent me a message and I just saw it :slight_smile:

Any idea about the printing problems he is describing at 7:25? I believe I have included the exact same printing packages at calamares netgroups with the ones the xfce edition includes by default.


I suspect it has to do with latest cups updates … hmmm
most likely not an issue specifically of the lxde-edition.


I’ve got to say, this may be the best LXDE I’ve ever ran. You really did a good job on this. The theme is perfect. And I love the choice of picking what software I want to install during the installation. That’s the way all distros should be.


A fair choice for notifications daemon. Dunst is lighter, but does not fit the look.
If you use dunstify instead of notify-send, you could add buttons “open in folder” and “view” into the notification.


For now I did the easy/simple solution. Thx for the suggestion, I might look it again, in order to do some more fancy customization for some future release :wink:



vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:




It would be great, if you could put a -d --delay otpion into i3-scrot!


good idea! will do.



With i3-scrot 1.1 you can now simply append a delay in seconds after either the -d | --desk or -w | --window option, so for example:

i3-scrot -w 5

will scrot the active window in 5 seconds.
If you want to copy the modified script right away instead of waiting for the package update, it’s here


Some improvements have been made. Now xfce4-notifyd has been installed as a dependency for manjaro-lxde-settings in order to get notifications. Also, after manjaro-lxde-settings version 20170427 hits your repositories (it’s currently on unstable branch) you will also get a GUI tool for managing the notifications as well as the i3-scrot package. No manual intervention is needed, these will get installed automatically.

The only manual change you might wanna do (it’s not necessary) is changing the scrot command to i3-scrot command for Print shortcut at “Setup Hot Keys” application (of course after manjaro-lxde-settings-20170427 reaches your repository and gets installed). If you do that, then you will get a notification after you take a screenshot :wink:


It all worked well on my VMware installed LXDE.

Switched to Chromium browser, which might use a tad more memory but is so much faster than firefox. So much so that You might want to considered it as the default browser in LXDE spin because chromium really shines on small hardware.


Glad that works.

I had made a poll for the default web browser during the development of this release. There were options for firefox, palemoon and chromium. Firefox won with big difference.


I just switched out one of my main laptops from KDE to your LXDE and so far so good. My only issue so far is I like wallpaper switching and i had to download variety to handle that. But that’s minor quibble. It works well with Arc touch mouse Se edition and i don’t see it running as hot as it was under KDE.