Manjaro LXDE 17.0.1



The Manjaro LXDE Community Edition 17.0.1 is ready for Download:
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Thx to everyone that helped on this release. Lxde is the lightest full Desktop Environment available (by full I mean except for the standalone window managers like openbox, i3, etc…). This edition is suitable for really weak hardware. This edition has a basic but full featured installation (simple tools to get things done and AUR support by default), and the ability to choose extra software. You need internet connection during the installation procedure.

Features worth mentioning:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for tiling on sides and corners: Super+Keypad 1-9
  • 3 custom file manager actions: Edit as Root, Open Folder as Root, Set as Wallpaper.

Changes from the 17.0.1-rc1 release:

  1. I have replaced the breath-wallpaper with the lxde-breath wallpaper.


  • Theme: Vertex Maia
  • Icons: Arc Maia
  • Cursor: Adwaita
  • Logout-Banner: Custom logout banner based on breath wallpaper.
  • Wallpaper: Special thx to @muser for creating the default lxde-breath wallpaper as well as other 4 awesome wallpapers which are included in the package lxde-wallpapers and they are located at /usr/share/backgrounds. If you want more awesome wallpapers, go to his topic here:

**Youtube Reviews:**

Manjaro LXDE 17.0.1-rc1
Manjaro LXDE 17.0.1-rc1

Congrats @Thanos_Apostolou , awesome job!
I’ll update the download page and announce both Deepin and LXDE on our blog tomorrow :slight_smile:
:fireworks: :champagne:


Its also suitable for people who want to save their resources for things that they use a lot. My Wife runs LXDE, because she uses LibreOffice a lot.

A pig like LibreOffice running on LXDE?

Yes, it makes sense. Saves the limited memory and processing power on her favorite laptop (she has 3 laptops) for what she does most.

Pretty sure she can’t be bothered to move from Lubuntu, but I may try this out in a VM for grins.


@Thanos_Apostolou, this looks very nice! LXDE is an often overlooked, under-loved lightweight DE. Splendid job! :smiley:


I am not getting it, LXQT is already available in community why LXDE edition? The marginal gap of performance between them is really slim. Both works on old hardware and less resource hungry. Only one lead developer is keeping this project alive as long as gtk+2 is supported. I appreciate the effort but his doesn’t making any sense to me.


You post doesn’t make any sense to me. Are you being forced to use this edition?
Have some respect for other people’s time and effort which they offer without any financial reward!


Looks great! Now that everyone else has moved to these breath wallpapers, I’ll probably have to follow the suit with next bspwm release…


While I do see your point, there are a couple of key differences between the 2.

1: LXDE uses GTK while LXQT uses QT (as the name implies)
2: LXQT is a merge of 2 desktops. LXDE and Razor-QT. Forks are the nature of open source.
3: LXDE will probably “die out” at some point sooner or later, because people migrate to lxqt as the new “low-end” solution. But as long as it’s still alive, I can’t see a reason why creating an install media with it, can hurt.


Many users asked for this edition. At the moment lxde is more popular than lxqt (Lubuntu and LXLE have more users than all the other lxqt distros combined), so why not “steal” some users from them? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also lxde got a recent update and it has a gtk3 build which I might use in the future. Furthermore, lxde is a lot different from lxqt, thats why fedora 26 will provide both lxde and lxqt spins.

Finally lxde’s slow development can been seen as an advantage because it will be ultra stable and really easy to maintain.


Torrents should now be up!


I always respects people contributing Linux. It was my opinion. That’s all.


If history is correct, no Linux distro dies. Just people in the lead changes. I am waiting some developer official announing unity 7/8 going forward.

Fair enough and thanks for your contribution. :slight_smile:


Sorry for my rant! :flushed: But “doesn’t make any sense to me” sounds just very discouraging.


Effectively some distro dies

Like these?

Unit desktop



Now that looks interesting. A “total” rewrite of Unity 7, so it gets to be a complete desktop environment instead of a compiz plugin. Sounds great.

PS: Sorry for taking it off topic.


Thx! I added the torrents’ link in the topic!


Here’s the first review :slight_smile:


I am happy to see it has still 1.1GB. Well done!


It was a typo. I meant to say no Desktop Environment dies. So, unity kind of lives. Linux world never ceases to fascinates.


The one problem I had was that it is a live-cd, and the boot up of the live-ce was exceedingly misbehaved running in a VmWare Workstation virtual machine. It kept painting huge black squares covering the entire screen.

I can’t remember exactly how I actually got that fixed.

Once the live-cd was up and running the actual install went well.

Maybe Architect or a net-install would be a better fit, If so, it would drop the size below the 700meg limit and it would fit on a cdrom.