Manjaro Live USB doesn't boot



we have a trouble with some HP bios

systemrescue has jump this month with archlinux base and boot on Grub

[root@sysresccd ~]# pacman -Qs grub
local/grub 2:2.02-8
    GNU GRand Unified Bootloader (2)
[root@sysresccd ~]# pacman -Qs systemd
local/libsystemd 240.34-3
    systemd client libraries
local/netctl 1.19-1 (base)
    Profile based systemd network management
local/systemd 240.34-3 (base-devel)
    system and service manager
local/systemd-sysvcompat 240.34-3 (base)
    sysvinit compat for systemd

There is no output from inxi because pacman on SystemRescueCD seems to have the wrong repos or there is some other issue and I haven’t managed to fix it to install inxi. SystemRescueCD was downloaded from your link, everything else is on the inxi output that I have posted earlier.


Oh no. Well then there is not much that I can do atm. Too bad, I had tried this distro and then decided that I wanted to finally switch from OSX because of it, so I really really hope that this will be solved soon.

I am no expert, but if there is something that I can contribute with please let me know. Thank you for your time and help anyway :grin::+1:


this not come from a hackintosh ,
my brother can boot with a clover EFI and a file xml


Yes, if the config.plist (the XML file) is set up properly there should be no problem booting up other OSes. But some systems, usually some kinds of laptops like mine, are so tricky to get to work that once you get MacOS to boot, you just don’t want to touch the config.plist ever again. So now I don’t think it’s worth trying to get Clover to work with Linux, since that bootloader will only be on a backup drive together with my OSX partitions.
Excuse me, what do you mean by this?

Regarding Grub, from some of the threads linked in your previous post it seems like some people have managed to install a previous version of Manjaro and then update it and get it to work. Tomorrow I am going to get a used drive so I can backup the Hackintosh setup and free my main SSD, then I will try to install Manjaro KDE v. 17.0 (last version pre-Grub if I understood) and try to update it. I will update this thread tomorrow/in two days.


During initial start up do you press ESC key to get boot menu?