Manjaro Live USB boot fails when HDD broken

I have a broken hard drive. I wanted to recover some information using the Manjaro live USB, but it just refuses to boot, hanging on the Starting Manjaro screen. I understand that the image should be used to install the OS on the hard drive, but when I used Linux Mint Live it worked perfect. I’m just wondering what this error is connected with, because sometimes I use live images to fix something in computer.

How to boot from USB into live Manjaro (for repair):

What does your UEFI tell about:

  • Your Harddisk
  • Your USB stick

There is no Linux on my broken hard drive, it just stores files

You have to look into your uefi to see wehter

  • your harddisk is broken, or
  • the adapter or
  • something other

Without booting a live manjaro nothing is possible. So we have to first find why the live manjaro does not boot in your case.

Is this a recent live manjaro, or an old one ?

Could you describe this a little more precise ?

This is new manjaro, i download it about hour ago. In screen just one line: “Starting majaro-5-255-1…” i don’t remember what actually numbers been in this screen

there are better solutions for your needs as rescue-system, just like this one:

Thank you

SystemRescue just like Manjaro does not work. In this situation, it is better to use Windows PE

You won’t be able to access linux partitions from a windows environment.


  • Your UEFI has something switched on, that prevents Linux to boot (like secure boot …)


  • Your system is messed up really bad :frowning:
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as @andreas85 already mentioned, check your bios that booting from an external device is enabled and secure-boot must be disabled. check your mainboard-manual if you have to use a function key like F8 for example to enter the boot menu from where to select booting from external.

Windows PE have the ext4/ext3 drivers

I did everything anyway, I know what Linux needs to run, but Linux never started. Anyway WinPE was still able to start, and I already figured out my problem. Thank you for your replies.

@Aleks Aleks, could you please post your solution and mark it as such so that the internet may benefit from your wisdom :slight_smile: