Manjaro Live squashfs errors



Is there a reason that the Ubuntu and Arch Iso installers would boot and the Manjaro KDE live environment all the way back to 15.12 would give Squashfs errors? Is there even a way to install Manjaro without entering the live environment?


Havent had that issue. How’d you write the iso ?


Yes, with Manjaro-Architect


I’m having some kind of USB IRQ issue when it tries to boot. For whatever reason Arch and Ubuntu actually continue booting where Manjaro will fail with Squashfs read io errors. This same issue effect’s the Manjaro-Architect bootup. This is using the proper DD method for creating Manjaro live installers. I’ve gone further and tested against Antergos which seems to bypass this issue so I assume it’s related to how Manjaro Live boots up through the USB stick.


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