Manjaro Live No Sound Asus Laptop

The latest Manjaro Live iso with Kernel58 gives no sound with my Asus Imaginebook laptop. The Volume control Configuration tab shows “No cards available for configuration”. I do not have this problem with my Manjaro installation provided I do not update the kernel beyond Linux57. Is it possible to obtain an older version of the Manjaro Live iso ?

I have found the old versions of Manjaro Live at the OSDN Manjaro iso archive (I am not allowed to supply the link).

When I boot Manjaro 20.1 Live (linux54) on my Asus Laptop the sound works, and alsamixer tells me that the soundcard is HDA Intel PCH, Chip Realtek ALC256.

So if one wants to try Manjaro on an Asus laptop equipped with Realtek ALC256, then one should use an old version of Manjaro Live if one wants sound. Otherwise install the current version of Manjaro and then downgrade the kernel to linux57 or less in order to get sound.