Manjaro live boot environment shuts down after a short while

I’m trying to install manjaro xfce on a dell inspiron 15R from a usb,now I can boot into manjaro so the code start running and the desktop pops up with the welcome screen but it only lasts for a few seconds before it shuts the laptop down,and this is my first experience with linux so I have no experience on how to deal with this.

check this:

Firmware checklist for BIOS systems

  • :white_small_square: Use latest available firmware
  • :white_small_square: Disable EFI
  • :white_small_square: Disable RAID option
  • :white_small_square: Enable AHCI

Firmware checklist for EFI Systems

  • :white_small_square: Disable CSM (Legacy) boot
  • :white_small_square: Disable Secure Boot
  • :white_small_square: Enable AHCI
  • :white_small_square: Use latest available firmware
  • :white_small_square: Disable Optane Memory and Rapid Storage Technology (RST)
  • :white_small_square: Disable RAID option
  • :white_small_square: Disable Fast Boot (if unable to boot from USB)

the most important are: secure boot disabled, fastboot disabled, faststartup disabled in windows, and AHCI enabled
and use Ventoy to flash iso

Hi, I just want to throw in one thought, just in case the above wouldn’t solve the problem.

Could it be that your laptop is overheating? I know of at least three laptops that shut down because of high tempereture, that had about the same age as yours. One was a dell inspiron too. My wife could save it by cleaning it and renewing the heat paste. I don’t want to emphase this, haven’t done this myself, but could be an option if heat is the problem.

Can you load into another Operating System? Maybe you have a dual boot or maybe another linux live distro? Either to confirm high temperetures or to exclude them? Or maybe your BIOS gives you some information.