Manjaro linux freezing issue

I use the system for 30-40 minutes, it suddenly freezes anywhere, can you help?

What information I do not know.

Really? You could start by telling us… :arrow_down:

  1. What branch of Manjaro you are on ─ Stable, Testing, Unstable.

  2. What hardware you have ─ CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD, HDD, and so on. See the linked post about the output of inxi.

  3. Whether your system has been updated.

  4. What exactly the symptoms are. “Freeze” doesn’t tell us anything. Sometimes the system can be busy with a high-priority operation ─ such as I/O, and especially so on older hardware ─ and the system may become a bit sluggish or appear unresponsive for a few minutes.


Did you read the linked post?

Sorry voodoo puppies and crystal balls were out of stock. You have to to provide more information and turn on some more parts of your brain to help others helping you…