Manjaro Linux for blind and visually impaired

Hi all!
You can call me John, I’m from Ukraine, and I’m blind!
I decided to actively learn Linux. And I realized that Arch Linux is better than others for me. I think so!
But it’s not always possible to configure Arch Linux. Moreover, I plan to popularize Linux! And Arch Linux is not very good for new users.
I learned about Manjaro! By description, a very good distribution.
I decided to try it, and got great surprise due to the lack of an accessibility installer!
I was looking for information, and as I understood, an accessibility installer was still not implemented.
I appeal to those who know, or maybe developers are here.
There are so many blind and visually impaired people who would like to use Linux and try Manjaro. But they can’t!
ORCA is in GNOME or MATE, but we cannot install distribution!
Can someone help with this?
Thanks in advance!


We do have a community spin for visually impaired users, you might try that:

It has been requested to integrate Orca into Calamares (the graphical installer), but it appears it there are still issues with it.


There was also a forum member in the archived forum that posted some spins. See here:

Also posted about an architect installer here:

I see no progress on those projects.

Direct link here

The spin @Yochanan pointed you too, is far newer than the 2 years old ones i mentioned, but probably both can give some insight how to approach this.

So, they both don’t work correctly.
Installer window is not accessible.
And I know the reason.
If I use UFI images, ORCA reads these windows. If not, no.
I can only write these images in DD mode. And it doesn’t work correctly, unfortunately.
Why does Manjaro cannot support accessibility installation official?

I already linked to the open issue regarding it.

@Jim.B Any tips for him regarding Talking MATE?

I wish I had a some It seems Calamares doesnt work with the screen reader, I just tested it as it was already on a usb drive. I honestly dont know a lot about how that all works. I made the first SbK Talking Mate iso because of a request , I wasnt even aware something like that existed at the time. I have tried to keep it up to date, because at this point its better than nothing.

This is just my half-useless post agreeing that this being available would be great. :clap:

So, do I understand correct that I can’t use Manjaro now?

I think your problems go farther than Manjaro. Calamares is the installer that is used by a lot of distributions, including most if not all Arch based ones. Any live install medium with it will not work with the screen reader.
But that doesnt mean that you cant run Manjaro. You would just need someone to help with the install.