Manjaro Lagging Every session

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I am using a fairly old pc with a dual core and 2gb of ram, I have found that Manjaro xcfe edition is quite lightweight so I tried installing it, to rest from the lagging of my windows 7.

When I installed it I installed every lightweight software like Midori and lxterminal but it still lags with the mouse stopping and I can’t even open a terminal, could you give me anyway to speed it up even a bit and stop the lagging of each session that I have to reboot the system knowing that it is slowly booting as well, I am new to Manjaro so if you could tell me what to do.

Thanks in advance

Yes, add more ram. Or you can try with zram: zram - ArchWiki


I do not think 2GB RAM are enough for comfortable use with any desktop environment. Because it will start swapping and that is slow (and on such machine you most certainly have HDD).

Try for example. It is basically manjaro but withouth full DE wich saves about 1 GB of ram which might save you from swapping and work.

If that does not work there are even slimmer distros like Damn small linux or tiny core linux or puppy linux, but they are pretty crippled in my opinion and will mostly work only for browsing and as a typewriter.

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It is always nice to go through Arch Wiki Performance page. I guess changing the swappiness treshold will give you some results. Try to follow point 6.1 at Swap - ArchWiki and set it to ‘10’.

Thank you guys, I am considering archbang is it any lighter

To be exact I am trying to find a lightweight distro that will allow at least a minimum of programming with netbeans and a bit of old games

Get a cheap sata ssd and install/use as swap device/swapfile on.

Should get you a pretty cheap performance boost.

I got myself a nvme usb stick and used on a really old laptop, it acts like a completely different computer now.
Only downside is if I connect another usb, and then disconnect that, it seems the whole usb interface drops for a very short while or something, because manjaro completely freezes.
So as long as I do not add, or rather, remove another usb stick, It works flawlessly.
This would obv not be a problem if you get a sata ssd instead, I just wanted to know if it actually works to run from usb, and it does.

The best solution will be to add some ram. It will cost pretty much nothing, but for such old machines it can be a real problem to find compatible old ram. 4 or 8 Gb should be enough for such machine.


Yeah, that’s what I thought too, so I adviced an ssd instead.

But the statement above is the BEST solution, but you HAVE to make sure it is the absolute correct memory, and that can be tricky to find cheap for old laptops, if even possible to find at all.

That’s exactly what kept me from getting more RAM

You might also consider scouting around for a different computer; Craig’s List, or whatever it takes; you can sometimes find a bargain.

Thank you anyways, I just might try puppy Linux

The Fluxbox MX Linux distribution might be worth your time MX Linux / Download; based on Debian Stable. Good luck.

So why ask a question if you don’t follow with trying (reading) a single link?

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