Manjaro + Kodi on RaspberryPi 2


Noobs does not offer installation of Manjaro and Kodi for dual boot. Is it possible to do such an installation?

Thank you-

  1. No it's not installable from Noobs.
  2. Even if you would do a manual install of Manjaro ARM, kodi must be compiled from source as it's not available in the standard repositories for Manjaro ARM.

In a nutshell, if you're very new to Linux, no there is not an easy way to do what you asked... :sob:

Thank you!

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Actually, it is. :slight_smile:
It's in the community repo of aarch64.

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Strit, thank you very much. But this is a link for download only. Where can I find instruction on how to do the installation?

Right here:

sudo pacman -S kodi

Run this command to install kodi

sudo pacman -S kodi

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I was not clear, sorry. I mean dual boot RPi2 with Manjaro AND Kodi.

Strit, trying to unpack, I receive the following message:
package architecture is not valid:
package kodi-18.6-1-aarch64 does not have a valid architecture

Manjaro is an Operating System.
Kodi is an Application.

To have an operating system with only Kodi, please use something like CoreELEC/LibreELEC.

Currently not possible to dual boot with Manjaro ARM, since we have no graphical boot selector.

I was misled by my current installation from Noobs: I have Raspbian and Kodi and can choose which one to start.

Thank you for the replies!

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