Manjaro keeps on bugging me about needing a kernel upgrade

When I boot Manjaro now it keeps on bugging me about needing a kernel upgrade but everything in the kernel Manjaro Settings Manager looks normal. I am running 6.1.49-1, it is an LTS recommended kernel. What do I have to do to stop it from bugging me?

I happen to be running a first gen Ryzen 1600X that needs to have a power option changed in the EFI to stop linux from crashing randomly. I don’t want to use a boot option to fix it because I boot clonezilla, gparted and others and don’t want to have to remember to but a boot option everytime. I don’t know if this is related to the above problem.

Manjaro Settings Manager just informs you that a newer kernel is available. No need to do anything. If you run KDE then you can configure it to not show popups from Manjaro Settings Manager.

It probably should only pop up a message if the current running kernel is EOL

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Turn off Check new kernels in Manjaro Notifier Settings ( msm_notifier --settings)


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If it’s bothering you for a kernel upgrade, the are likely to be many other upgrades as well, which you should install, else you’ll have a broken system when you come 'round to it…



You can do like a good ostrich and burry your head in the sand, but it is definitely a good idea to act clever instead and keep the system up to date and thus in non-broken and supported state. If you do not need some non-lts kernel that is EOL - just uninstall it. Otherwise - update. Everything. Always. Or just use debian-something.


Kernel 6.1.49 was released to stable branch 2023-08-29 so OP probably does not need to update

Accepted solution will not stop notifications about End Of Life/unsupported kernels

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