Manjaro keeps asking Wifi password

an Intel wireless chipset needs a realtek ethernet driver

… sure, right, why not … nothing is impossible …

So the issue is solved - most definitely not through this driver, though.

actually, I’m pretty confident that this solved my problem because I just installed it and it went right on the first try. but can I ask you what would be your solution?

I’m curious to see which driver is actually in use, because like @Nachlese mentioned it’s very strange that a realtek driver fixed your Intel driver problem…

You can see here on the Intel support site, which driver is needed, and AFAIK it’s included in the kernel with the Intel iwlwifi module.

You are asking me?
See my previous comment(s).

Would you care to provide evidence?
In the form of inxi -Fazy
or the variant of the command you used before, for example?

Just to put our inquisitive minds at ease. :slightly_smiling_face:

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