Manjaro KDE without 3D acceleration hangs in VMWare

I’m trying to use Manjaro KDE in VMWare Workstation Pro 16 without 3D acceleration on a Windows host. When acceleration is disabled in VMWare, Manjaro boots to SDDM, but after logging just hangs on the KDE splash screen with the ksplashqml process using 100% CPU (for 20mins before I killed it). Dmesg and journalctl for SDDM just show session started but no errors or warnings.

It works with 3D acceleration enabled, but there are some strange artefacts and my experience with Linux guests using 3D accel is the performance is worse that without accel, so I’d like to run it without accel.

Works fine in VirtualBox without 3D accel, but I’d really like to get it working in VMWare. Can I force KDE to use SW rendering (llvmpipe afaik) for example? Any ideas what to try or where to look?

EDIT: Live environment works fine without accel while installing.
EDIT: Manjaro XFCE without accel also works fine.