Manjaro KDE using loads of ram


I don't what the issue is but I think manjaro KDE is using too much ram imo. I 'm not sure how to fix this. This is what HTOP shows me

Like all I really have open is firefox, PHPStorm, Spotify, latte-dock and a few other applications. I do however have lots of KDE customizations installed like custom theme, cool switcher etc. I'm not sure how to lower the amount of ram. It's making firefox slow when watching videos and lags it out even though stats for nerds shows every frame is coming through. The audio plays fine

Install ps_mem and run sudo ps_mem to see what is really consuming your memory.

Also, it appears you have a find process using 99% of one your cores.

@dalto this what ps_mem is showing ps_mem
why is spotify taking up 1GB it didn't that much when running on windows or ubuntu even. Windows wouldn't use this much ram on daily usage as a developer. I have 16GB max ram. So this means I wouldn't survive on 8 GB of RAM

Keep in mind, Linux tries to use your RAM. In many cases, if you had less it would use less.

Other than that big Java process, it all looks pretty normal to me. Unless you are running out of RAM I wouldn't worry about it.

I would also add at least a little swap, even if it is just a bit of zram.

the java process is phpstorm and what would swap do

Stop your machine from crashing if you run out of RAM.

On Linux, unused RAM is wasted RAM.

Also, I recommend making a swapfile. Either 4GB or 8GB should be fine.

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Like for example on windows it wouldn't use this much ram and Firefox wouldn't lag but on manjaro it lags after running it for a couple of hours with jetbrains ide's. This is not what I expected. What I'll do is try it on windows and see whether I can produce the same results like loads of ram usage and lag

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I am not sure that your issues with firefox are related to overall ram use. Are you using any add-ons?

Spotify should at most use like 300-400MiB. It certainly does for me (+500MiB in shared libs though).
Looking at your stats, one way to reduce the RAM usage would be to uninstall latte dock.

Another one that's perhaps less destructive to you may be installing the "Tab Unloader" extension in Firefox, it automatically unloads tabs after a while of inactivity.

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I use something called auto tab discard, I also use something called panorma tab groups too both are stop the number of tabs down

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