[Manjaro KDE stable release] Libreoffice 6.2



I’ve just updated to the latest Libreoffice-fresh 6.2 and I have two things to solve:

  • in 6.2 the user interface is now possible with ‘tabs/bookmarks’ so no need to enable experimental features, but…under Windows 10 this version looks way better, without doubled main menu and tabs itself look more modern with sharp corners, no rounded. In Manjaro (or linux generally) version the doubled main menu cannot be toggle somehow even I click the icon responsible for that.

  • I like to use Manjaro KDE with main theme ‘dark breeze’ and then enable ‘breath’ in Plasma look to have mixed Dark Breeze/Breath themes and eventually manage GTK2/3 themes to be whether light or dark…everything works fine until I run Libreoffice Writer which is integrated with KDE theme and also runs in dark mode…it would be better to not include Writer to run in dark mode. Somehow I like Gimp, VSCode and other programs in dark grey/dark mode but Writer is painfull to eyes in this mode, definitely light grey/grey would be much better choice. It would be cool to make it possible to have overall dark mode as system theme with possible Writer or Libreoffice in light mode.


Point 1 - No idea

Point 2 -

Exec=env GTK_THEME=Adwaita libreoffice


I thought it works, but not…have found this:

and it also doesn’t work, uncommenting any option won’t change anything (like force GTK while in system settings set GTK2/3 as light theme)


There is another recent post (but I cannot find it) that highlights a known bug with Libre Office Calc hitting F2, and backspacing to edit a cell does not work with the default themes. A fix is on the way, but the work-around I use is to highlight the portion you would be backspacing to remove and hit delete.