[Manjaro KDE Stable] Dolphin not showin startup folder

Since last update some days ago, Dolphin doesn't show the default directory (Home) at startup. It shows nothing, empty folder window and no path over it. I have changed to others directories and same behaviour. I have to explicitly open Home within Dolphin to see contents, then all works as expected.

Then you must have messed something up, because I'm running a fully updated Manjaro Stable with KDE Plasma, and Dolphin behaves perfectly normally for me. :thinking:

Anyway, open up Dolphin and click on Settings in the menu ─ if you don't see the menu, click the wrench icon :wrench: in the toolbar and select "Show menu" (or something similar) ─ and then you'll get a dialog window.

In that dialog window, select Startup. You will see a field where you can enter a location. Enter the path to your $HOME directory there. Click Apply and close the dialog window.

If you now close Dolphin and restart it, it should default to showing you the contents of your $HOME. :wink:

There is a fix for that. It made it already to Testing, so will be in Stable with the next update. If it bothers you too much, you can update Dolphin from Testing branch.

If there's a fix, then that means something's broken. And if something's broken, then why am I not seeing it in my own Dolphin?

Read this Testing Announcment: [Testing Update] 2019-08-22 - KDE Apps, KDE Framework, Wine, Qemu

And here the link to the official Bug Tracker: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=411193

If you are not affected, you are lucky for whatever reason. But there is/was something broken for sure.

Thank you. I will wait. No problem.
It looks like is a split view problem.

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