Manjaro kde sluggish for no apparent reason

I was just chugging along using my laptop with manjaro kde like i do every day, and then for no apparent reason it has become incredibly slugish. Can anyone help me troubleshoot it. I restarted and checked top but i don’t know what else to try.

is it still slugish after reboot?

… to expand on what @brahma asked:

is it still sluggish when you have shut it down and have given it some time …?

I’m currently experiencing some similar symptoms - but am not on KDE

I have decided that my (~10 years old) laptop hard drive is starting to give up the ghost
and will replace it as soon as I can.

I’m currently in the process to finish a backup of what is on there - which does not go very smoothly :wink:

I will try that, however this laptop is only ~3-4 months old so that wouldn’t be the problem

… so you likely do not need to try that
unless there is actual evidence for the drive starting to fail

although - and I really like this “joke”
NEW is an acronym for: Never Ever Worked

it’s a reasonable assumption, but … just because it’s practically new … :wink:

You can try two things to rule them out:

  1. go to system settings > startup and shutdown > session. Select “Start a new empty session” upon authentication. Reboot and check if it is still sluggish. Note I don’t use Plasma in English, so the “wording” may be a bit off.

  2. create a new user and login with that user.

If number 1 solves the problem, you can change the setting again, if you prefer a different option. If it doesn’t solve the problem but number 2 does, try to disable all effects and remove all plasmoids and reboot to see if the problem is solved in your original user session.