Manjaro KDE :size of konsole can not be defined correctly

The window size I set does not match the size displayed by konsole

As shown


I set the window size to 9022 (my screen resolution is 21601440 and the zoom size is 125%), and I turn off the “remember window size” in konsole, but the window size konsole every time I open it Is Not the size in the setting, but 115*22

I believe it’s caused by the new toolbar, which requires a certain width to show. So it will use the minimum it can to show that toolbar, which seems to be 115.

Then turning the toolbar to ‘icons only’ might help. :thinking:
[Actually, this happened in my new installation in Manjaro when I created a new user and opened konsole for the first time there. But after resizing the window with mouse, the window resolution remains same]

Problem solved,thank you

That works,thank you.

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