Manjaro kde shortcuts deleted accidentaly

hello everyone,
To resolve some other shortcuts conflict I clicked on reset and default in settings-> shortcut.
the shortcuts that comes with manjaro kde were lost like ctrl+alt+t for terminal.
How do I get restore the shortcuts.
I found the similar issue but that was for xfce

the defualt user settings is available in /etc/skel

While I don’t know where these exact settings are stored - you may be able to locate them and copy the relevant file from the skel folder to the matching user folder.

I am sorry I am new to linux can you tell me exactly where to put these files. like what folder

I don’t use kde - so no - but most likely the location is universal - although kde has it’s own approach.

cp -R /etc/skel/.* ~

Does this also happen in a newly created user (E.G. shivamChandra65-2)


Probably copy /etc/skel/.config/kglobalshortcutsrc to your ~/.config folder and reboot.

PS: you need to show hidden files to be able to access these folders. CTRL+H to toggle hidden files view.

//EDIT: no this file doesn’t contain the relevant part you’re looking for.

this doesn’t happen one its own I clicked on reset shortcuts myself, and now want to recover them. I know about the ctrl+alt+t shortcut only I don’t what other shorcuts come with manjaro kde…can you tell me some shortcuts the come with a fresh install of manjaro kde…? so that I can check that are all missing or only some are lost.