Manjaro KDE plasma on ARM Pinephone with external hdmi connection to screen GUI interface change request

What I would like is for Manjaro Plasma on my PinePhone to automatically change to a traditional KDE plasma GUI (same as on a desktop or laptop) when I connect it to my dongle which is then connected to a standard keyboard, mouse and HDMI screen. The phone interface is fine in “phone” mode when the phone is used by itself but what I would like is to have the option to switch to “desktop” mode with appropriate KDE Plasma Desktop GUI interface when connected to an external screen.

This requires the phone to be able to run 2 sessions/desktops at the same time.

Have you ever been able to have a desktop do that?

A PC with 2 monitors, but with say, Gnome on one and xfce on the other.

But I do know it’s something the Plasma Mobile team has talked about in some of their meetings.

See this for reference:

Thank you. They are working on an elegant solution for this problem, and it is a fresh idea. They thought about it before my post.

By the way, way back, you could switch on-the-fly within the x session still running from Gnome to KDE at the click of a button. I believe this was on redhat.

The phone screen could simply be disabled and a new desktop session be initiated on the external monitor. Could that be done?

Or, as a start, booting into a desktop session directly by only using external display as the main display.