Manjaro kde plasma hardware accelaration on pi 4

hey anyone know why manjaroo team is not working on hardware accelaration in raspberry pi 4. many distribution has this feature. its my request to dear manjaroo team please provide this feature.
love manjaroo seriously…

There is not much to accelerate there - what do you expect from $40 device?

Name them …


There is no manjaroo … so let me correct you on that

The raspberry pi team have a beta 64 bit os if I remember correctly. Now they are working on a 64 bit os then gpu acceleration should improve on 64 bit os like manjaro.

The os with best gpu acceleration or certainly best video playback are all 32 bit os like fydeOS

not going to happen on wayland or plasma, cause they use x11, all there efforts are going to be there.

still you should be fine, it’s just a bit more cpu & a little hotter.

what about ubuntu mate desktopify?

what about ubuntu mate desktopify? its web browsing is soo smooth.

Hardware accel video has been available on Manjaro. It is enabled by default via fkms. If you want Plasma + kms, x11 is your best bet. kms + wayland is still a WIP.

then why browsing is not smooth as mate desktopify.

I do not know, I have not used desktopify. Ubuntu has a great many resources, maybe they have found the magic touch.

Edit: I took a look at desktopify. It is using armhf, Manjaro it built as arm64. Two different beasts.