Manjaro KDE - pacman ALWAYS crashes since an update failed



I’ve tried to update but there were cyclic dependency issues with (lib32-)mesa vs. (lib32-)libglvnd so, pacman crashed. I haven’t updated for two weeks because I was on holiday. Now every pacman -S, pacman -Syyu and pacman -Rdd crashes with exit code 1. pacman -S pacman also crashes so, the arch forum wasn’t very useful. This was also useless for me: Updating Manjaro



Do you need the lib32 versions of those 2 on your system?
Neither mesa or libglvnd requires their lib32 “brothers” to function.


I don’t know but I can’t remove packages.


I would like the output of:
sudo pacman -Syyu

It’s much easier to troubleshoot when you actually have en error to go by. :slight_smile:


Are you mirrors properly synced?


Nevermind, @Strit just asked the same thing …

If pacman is segfaulting, anything in journalctl or dmesg?

Anything in pacman.log?

What did you do before this issue began? Again pacman.log may help you if you cannot remember.


The update started to work after these:

pacman-key --refresh-keys --keyserver
pacman-mirrors -f0
pacman-key --init

It asked to reinstall the keyrings.

I’ve got the commands from here: Issues with “signature is marginal trust” or “invalid or corrupted package” but I’ve only executed the first ones.


So it was a “simple” keyring issue. :slight_smile:


It is always a keyring issue. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Must be common because if I log out of the Forums and look at the very top of the page, there are the instructions to fix the issue.

The only problem is it does not give any symptoms that could lead one to the fix.


The thing at the top of the page doesn’t fix the issue - not even the one I’ve linked(well, not entirely).

The problem lies within the nature of rolling release distros(especially if arch-based): keys get outdated and people don’t like to update.

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